CJ2: Mini Ecosystem

This week in class we committed ourselves to an action of our choosing that will lessen our impact on the environment. I was stuck between two ideas: buying local or reducing my energy consumption. After a while, I decided that since I kind of already do buy locally from my hometown business’ and farms and get things from my personal garden that I should focus on something I haven’t tried before. So I committed to reducing my energy consumption.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a power hog. My phone and laptop are always plugged in. In the winter I crank my thermostat because I’m always cold and in the summer I crank the AC if I have it available to me because I hate being sweaty. I also wash my clothes on boiling hot water because I like the idea of them being cleaned better. I also really enjoy my forty-five minute long showers. After moving out on my own and I got my first power bill I realized that something had to change. I’ve shortened my showers, turned my furnace way down, turned the AC off completely and started washing my clothes in cold water. But I still feel like I can do more. So together, my group and I came up with some ideas that we can do.

I feel like my project accurately represents my commitment. The lightbulb inside the mason jar represents energy and since it is a fluorescent bulb it also represents the saving of energy since they are environmentally friendly. Underneath the lightbulb is a forest scene consisting of two trees, a family of deer, a hedgehog, a bunny, and a tree stump. To me, this represents the small benefits I will be making by completing this energy saving experience and the tree stump represents the negative effects I have already had on the environment. I realize that one person will not be able to save the entire world but I can make a small difference, and anything helps. The world needs all the help it can get.  This little ecosystem in a jar is my motivation and reminder that I am doing something, so when I get discouraged I can look at it and remember that I am helping by reducing my energy consumption. IMG_2612 2

One thought on “CJ2: Mini Ecosystem

  1. I really like how many connections you were able to make with your visual representation, and how you will be using it to continue to motivate you even after the project is over. You mention that while you may not be able to help a whole lot, your actions will impact the environment in small ways. Was there anything in the readings that gave you this idea? Or have you been able to see the direct effect of some of your actions, which motivated you to change? Also, since many people refuse to take action for this very reason (their actions only having a small overall impact), how do you think we can motivate more people to make life choices so that the positive impact of our combined actions is huge?


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