Ecoliteracy Letter Assignment

Dear friend,

I have always admired how you care for what is around you. Sometimes it’s a person. or an animal, or even just a thing. No matter what it is you give it your full and undivided attention, whether it has given you the same or not. I have watched you care for a garden every year that gives you some sort of unexpected problem. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s the weeds, and sometimes it’s the plants themselves who with hours and hours of gentle care still refuse to grow. I don’t know how you deal with something so stubborn year after year. I have also watched you walk to work every day, rain or shine, despite everyone else hopping in their car to save a few minutes. I watched you go out of your way to build a building that is more eco-friendly than other buildings, despite the comments that everyone made. You also started the composting trend in a town that barely believes in recycling. You were the open-minded one when everyone else was and is in denial. You are willing to learn and change things to make the way you live for the world better. You continue on despite what people think. You must know something about this that I don’t. you are the perfect example of what everyone should aspire to be. If we all made the changes that you did the world would probably be a lot better. You show us all that we don’t need to jump mountains to make a change, we just have to do what we are able to do and that will make a change. You have made a change in your community and those around you for the better. I hope one day, that every citizen in the world knows that they can make the same changes that you have to your lifestyle to help save the world. Keep doing what you’re doing, and great things will come your way.




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