CJ4: The Truth

For this creative journal, I really wanted to do a collage because it was the only thing that I felt would capture the many ideas I had about the prompt. I also wanted to do a one at least once because I liked how they turned out when others did them. Since I had already done a drawing I figured I would use my computer to gather some images and make a collage on a program. It looks better than drawing and it’s still a creative project so I thought it was a win-win.

The part of the prompt I focused on was “express one of your own disruptive encounters in this course or beyond”. So I wanted to make something that itself was disruptive. My picture shows a lot of images but there are three main themes. One is Canada as we see it, Canada as it actually is, and then a personal theme about my experience with colonization in Canada. The pictures that are about Canada as we see it are the ones that have the outdoor scenes and then the ones with the Canadian flag with many faces inside of it. These show what everyone wants to believe that Canada is. People like to say that Canada is essentially a perfect place with no oppression or systemic racism. That brings me to my next pictures which are the ones featuring residential schools, Colten Bouchie, and colonialism art. These express what Canada actually has within it. It shows the true past of Canada and the effects that it has on us today, especially to Indigenous Peoples. This is the main part of my collage hence the caption “it’s time to acknowledge the past…and make a change.” because in class we often talked about how we need to talk about the past in order to understand why things are the way they are now within our country so we can make changes and move forward in the future. The last theme of the collage is pictures that are personal to me. They show my Ukrainian heritage that was harmed by colonialism. Yes, technically since we immigrated to Canada from Ukraine so that makes us a part of colonialism but in fact, my ancestors were oppressed by other colonizers. Not many people know this but around WWI settlers who weren’t of English descent were placed in concentration camps within Canada because they were seen as “less Canadian” and therefore “enemies”. It is never talked about that Ukrainians were oppressed within Canada. Many people say “well they are white so they can’t have been oppressed.” but that obviously is not true and it gets ignored here in Canada. It happened to my own family and that is why my Baba an Gido chose to never teach my father to speak Ukranian. They were discriminated against and told that they were less Canadian and that is within the last fifty years. That is why I chose to include my own heritage on this picture because my family has lost much of its culture due to assimilation and it gets ignored. Most people do not even know that Ukrainians were captured in this country and held against their will. The whole history is unfortunate because Ukrainians were oppressed in their own country (and still are to this day), and then they came over to Canada for a new start and were still discriminated against. But it is now looked over because they get thrown into the category of “white settler invader”. When in reality, the other settlers saw them as inferior. As you can tell I get very passionate about this particular topic.

That is basically it. That was my thinking throughout making this collage. I feel like it really captures the essence of the prompt because it is incredibly disruptive in more than one way. I have attached a picture below of what it looks like.



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