Welcome to EDTC 300

Create an introductory blog post that tells the class a little about who you are and your experiences with educational technology. Give us some of your thoughts on blogging (even if you are a reluctant blogger!). Include at least one relevant image with proper attribution (unless personally owned) as well as at least one link to something or someone (e.g. could be to your Twitter profile).

My name is Jessalyn Shwaga and I am going into my 3rd year of elementary education at the University of Regina. I am from a small town called Vanguard Saskatchewan and I am a graduate of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame. I have a lot of hobbies, most of them being sports, for example, I play hockey, volleyball, and I am on the University of Regina Cougars Rowing Team. I used to do a lot more sports like baseball, softball, track and field, cross country, badminton, gymnastics, and dance but as I got older I realized I did not have the time to compete in all of them. Now I mostly play rec sports other than rowing. I don’t have many other hobbies, which now that I say it sort of sounds sad. I used to like to read a lot but being in university has ruined that for me, but that’s pretty much it.

I am not a huge fan on blogging because I feel like what I have to say does not really matter to the rest of the world as I am not huge social media influencer or anything of the sorts. I have however become familiar with blogging through my years in education as many professors require it as part of your participation for classes. I still struggle with some aspects of the blog like creating new menus, but I am ever so slowly getting used to it.

I wasn’t sure what to place for an image so I decided on my twitter profile picture. My handle is @Jessalyn_Shwaga 



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