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Assigned blog post: Get an RSS reader (e.g., Feedly/Digg/Inoreader) account. Subscribe to several blogs and other education-related sources (besides the ones that I have recommended). Then, write a blog post that describes your process for choosing this content – How did you find blogs and other sources to follow? Describe one or two of the sources in detail, with a description of why they are helpful and relevant. Include a screenshot of your Feedly/Digg/Inoreader page in your post.

I had no idea what Feedly or any other of those accounts were, in fact, I had never even heard of them before. So I ended up getting a Feedly account. I followed a few of the blogs that Katia had suggested, but, I mostly followed blogs that I found on my own. I didn’t have super strict criteria for selecting the content, I mostly wanted something that 1. was relevant to my teaching, so I wasn’t going to follow a high school only blogger for example 2. The blog had to catch my eye and 3. It had to already have some sort of following or been recommended to me. I was not going to follow a blog that no one has ever heard of and no one follows. After all, there’s a reason why some blogs have more followers than others.

The nice part about finding online resources is that well, they’re online, so to find them it simply took a quick google search. I looked up keywords like “best elementary school teaching blogs” and an article with links would pop right up. When the links were provided to me I was able to easily click on them and read the blogs over and figure out what they were all about. I selected the ones that were most relevant to me, the most interesting, and of course like I said before the ones that were decently popular.

One of the blogs that I found on my own is this one: which is actually by a professor at the University of Regina by the name of Dr. Alec Couros who teaches educational technology. He started the blog in 2004 and he uses it to discuss how technology can be used to enhance education. In his about page, he states “This space is a growing collection of personal reflections and resources related to teaching and learning, democratic media, critical media literacy, digital citizenship, openness, and social justice.” which I find incredibly relevant to me because well, that is exactly what we have been doing with our blogs since first year. We have used it as a place to create our own online identity and showcase our learnings. It is also where we ponder our thoughts and do many online reflections. So I thought he would be a great resource since he has been doing it a lot longer than me and I most likely have a thing or two to learn from him.

Another one of the blogs I followed is not directly and education resource, but it is educational and it is especially relevant to me because it is a guitar blog with thousands of free lessons for anyone to access, this is the link: Essentially this blog is your go-to resource for anything guitar related as it has almost everything you need to start playing the guitar, but it also has resources for more experienced players.

Overall I think that all of the resources I followed will be extremely helpful for my journey in education and into a new teacher. Here is a screenshot of what my feed looks like now: (I will, of course, be adding to it later when I find more blogs I like)

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