The First Few Steps

This week for my learning project I started on learning the first bit of the song Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. After realizing how hard finger-picking is (especially for beginners) I have decided that I am going to re-evaluate my goals for this project. My goals are not going to be “play a specific song” but instead learn a variety of techniques on how to play the guitar and get a decent basis in case I want to pursue guitar in the future. I have a decent base because of EMUS 202, however, I only learned to strum and that’s really it so turning my focus to fingerpicking is going to be a lot better.

So to first get a basis for this song I had to look up the basics of finger picking. Once again all this took was a quick google search and I found this. Basically, it teaches you the proper technique so you are using the correct finger to pluck the correct string. Next, I looked up a tutorial on how to play Shallow on YouTube and found this.  Obviously, I was not able to learn the entire song but I have a grasp of the basics which is a start. I have the first chord patterns done and it was incredibly hard for me so I am quite proud. Here is the video of me playing the first couple of notes (very slowly).

5 thoughts on “The First Few Steps

  1. Jessalyn, you are doing really well! I love this song, but it does seem very difficult on the guitar. I think it takes a lot of self-awareness to re-evaluate your plan and take a step back to learn the basics. Building a concrete foundation will definitely help you improve and progress in the future! Thanks for sharing!


  2. By the looks of your video, you are doing really well! I imagine that learning specific songs can be pretty overwhelming, so I think it is a good idea that you decided to take a step back and concentrate on mastering your technique.


  3. Great job! I am also learning how to play the acoustic guitar for my learning project this semester. When I was choosing a song I definitely steered away from choosing a song that had any finger picking in it because I was afraid of the difficulty level. I think that it is really brave that you chose a finger picking as the skill you would like to learn. It will pay off in the long run and it looks like you are learning a lot already! Keep up the awesome work!


  4. Being adaptable is an important character trait to have and especially beneficial for teachers. Great job adjusting your plan. Aside from that, you are doing excellent with your skill.


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