Contributing to the Learning of Others

Throughout the last two months, I have had many opportunities to interact with my classmates and create my own personal learning network, in fact, I have reached out past my classroom of EDTC 300 and have interacted with other educators out there. I have met many other educators on Twitter by tweeting out about educational resources, additionally, I have interacted with larger and more influential accounts such as the official account of Microsoft word’s OneNote. I have also used new tools I had never used before such as Slack and Zoom, both of which are extremely valuable tools you may need to use to create your PLN.

I also learned valuable life skills like how to create your own online presence which will most likely have just as big of a say in me landing a teaching job as my professional resume. Part of this meant improving my online portfolio (this blog) and turning it into a professional space. I was also introduced to things like chrome extensions, coding, online shaming, and fake news. All of these things have been eye-opening and now I feel much better equipped to teach using technology in my classroom. I have also learned to use technology proficiently enough to teach myself how to play the guitar for my learning project, so really, this class has been an amazing experience

A huge part of this class, as I mentioned before was creating you PLN and building your resource toolbox. Over this semester I have kept track of my meaningful interactions with other students/educators that show how I have contributed to their learning as well as how they have enhanced mine. We have commented on eachother’s blog posts, tweeted to each other, messaged each other in slack, and used Zoom to go into breakout rooms and chat in the text box. Here is the google slide that shows some of these interactions.

If you want to see more you can always take a look at my Twitter: @Jessalyn_Shwaga or my YouTube channel

Thank you for following my progress in EDTC 300 and a huge shoutout to Katia for making this class in the spring semester incredibly fun and worthwhile. I truly believe EDTC 300 should be a mandatory class for education students, that is how important this was to me.

Thank you,


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